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May 8, 2013

Mrs. Chandler -The girls have been waiting for this day their whole lives…and it has now arrived…PIG DISSECTION!! They may never be the same! 🙂 Mrs. Johnson – HIGH SCHOOL GVC: The gradebook for classes is updated for all remaining work of the year. There is one extra credit option and students are allowed to revise Scratch project work (until school ends) with a 10% deduction. Graded work rubrics are in our Moodle courses in the student gradebooks so students may observe the errors for revision. The final assignment is to upload artifacts from each class to their ePortfolio. The grades will be logged in by Friday, May 10, and the remainder of our class time will be revision work, if necessary. REMEMBER, all tuition must be current for student’s to receive their final grades, OR take their final exams! Contact the school office with any questions or concerns. Look for the first ever St. Paul Lutheran High School yearbook, coming soon!!! Thank you to Mrs. Morgan for all her hard work on this! St. Paul High School Association is beginning work on the fall funding drive, please contact Mark Jones at 573-631-0454 or Elizabeth Jordan at 573-747-6140 if you would like to assist with this! Our funding provides tuition assistance, pays operating costs, and helps us keep tuition rates affordable!

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