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March 27, 2013

Mrs. Johnson. HIGH SCHOOL GVC: On Monday we met half of our Illinois partners online and today we meet the other half. We are using Google+ Hangouts on our iPads to meet up. Our GVC project deadline is rapidly approaching! Mrs. Chandler. Great job on the Science Fair!! Thank you so much for helping with Science Night- we had a wonderful turnout!! Mr. Schaupert. Geometry: We are finishing up on Similarity polygons and will begin next chapter on Right Triangles and Trigonometry. Geography: We are in Europe still and will be visiting each parts of Europe. Please remind your child they are to get their work done in class. They have 2 maps that are to be completed by the end of Chapter 13. Athletics: There are still basketball girls that have not turned in their uniforms. They need to turn in uniforms to Mr. Schaupert ASAP. Mr. Giesselmann. Remember to complete your quilt squares for the Auction over break! They need to be turned in Tuesday! Also, we will need to RSVP to Calvary Lutheran for Prom soon!

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